1.11.11 good day to all positive spirits. Nouvelle jeunesse

Hi funny date,

First of all, happy birthday to all babies of the day

In french language, ‘Nombre’ is part of ‘Novembre’ (NOveMBRE). Probably because France is creative  in Mathematics

a day to see life differently.

a day to innovate

a day to life  reprogrammation, code and decode

a day to be younger than the day before


a day for humour code code code codec !!!

a day not to kill the goose that has laid the golden egg.

a special digit day for all  computers

a magic tic day for all clocks of the world

a day to celebrate

a day to positive

a day to remember good events

a day to think to me

a day to think to others

a day to share knowledge of time

a day for history

a day to remember the relativity of time (EINSTEIN eine steine)

une petite pierre pour la science, une révolution pour les horloges synchronisés GPS et Galileo

and Now stop the Murphy Law for a little bit.


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